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Jan 01, 2005

Clean Energy Adds Major CNG and LNG Fueling Operations in Arizona

Clean Energy Adds Major CNG and LNG Fueling Operations in Arizona

In an area with growing respect for its environment - Phoenix, Arizona - Clean Energy is expanding its CNG and LNG fueling operations significantly.

In Phoenix, the company has been awarded the contract for its third public access CNG fueling station at Sky Harbor International Airport by the Phoenix City Council. The station will fuel 62 new natural gas transit buses shuttling passengers to and from the consolidated rental car center adjacent to the airport as well as taxis, shuttles and other vehicles. Clean Energy's two other fueling stations, located at the east and west entrances of the airport for easy access by airport-related users and the general public, dispense more CNG combined than any other airport in the US.

In Mesa, adjoining Phoenix to the East, Clean Energy signed two contracts with MV Transportation (transit operator for the Regional Public Transportation Authority). One contract for 10 years provides turnkey operations & maintenance services for a large-scale CNG fueling station for up to 250 CNG buses. The second contract for four years provides LNG fueling services, including provision of a new LNG fueling station and operation & maintenance services for the station.

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